Please, never release the smaller white doves often found in pet shops and from feather merchants. These sweet birds have almost no homing instincts or home to fly back to, and no survival skills. When released they become easy prey, or starve to death.

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Welcome to Heaven's Doves!

Thank you for visiting Heaven's Doves website. We are your localDove release wagon and Armando dove release company, specializing in Professional White Dove Releases for nearly any occasion.

A white dove is recognized worldwide as a symbol of love and peace, and encompasses the entire range of the world's religious beliefs. Doves mate for life and share in rearing of the young. This makes them especially symbolic for weddings and commitments. As part of a memorial, releasing a dove signifies a loved one’s journey home. Then a flock of white birds are released as an escort, for a truly memorable experience.

gift box with dove displayLocated in Easton PA, we serve a wide surrounding area which includes most of Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

We will create a custom dove release, perfect for your special event, using suitable silk flowers and decorations. Or you might ask your florist to work with us for one of a kind designs.
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We also offer poem readings, and dove handling rehearsals, which can help your event present flawlessly, for the memories of a lifetime! 

The safety of our doves is of most importance. We will only release when weather and time of day will allow them to safely return home to their loft.

Please allow us to help make your special day an event to remember!

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